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Do You Know How Advisors Are Paid?

Do you know how your current advisor is paid? What should you ask about fees and commissions when you are searching for an advisor? These are crucial questions. You need to understand how advisors make money so that you can weigh the advice that you receive. Overall, some are paid commissions on products they sell. […]

Seeking the Right Advisor For Your Financial Future

In my opinion, the financial planning industry in general tends to be good at dating, but less successful in marriage. You will find “advisors” who tell you what you want to hear just to get you as a client. Then they’re in pursuit of someone else. At Family Wealth Management (, we strive to provide […]

Don’t Let Taxes Get In The Way

Sometimes you can make more money by saving taxes than you can by making more money. This is important to understand, particularly considering what is inevitable: History reflects that taxes tend to rise. It’s important to understand the difference between taxable, tax deferred and tax-free investing. Let’s take a look at how each would affect […]

Piecing Together Your Retirement Big Picture

Imagine that you have a 200-piece jigsaw puzzle scattered in front of you. Where would you start? When I ask people that, most say they would start at the corners where they figure it’s easier to piece together all those interlocking shapes. Likewise, many people just dump their box of investments on an advisor’s table […]

Who Is The Client, You Or Your Money?

When seeking the services of a financial advisor, you aren’t just finding someone to manage your money; you are finding a partner to manage your future and your legacy. That’s a big deal. It involves more than just a directive about growth percentages or investment numbers; it should start with your priorities. You, your spouse, […]

5 Key Questions to Help You Find a Trusted Financial Advisor

Finding the right Financial Advisor to be your guide through Distribution Land is extremely important. How can you be sure whom you are dealing with? How do you know who will have that fiduciary responsibility to watch out for you? To get you started here are 5 questions to ask or check for as you […]

3 Steps to Start Living the Retirement of Your Dreams

In the process of retirement income management, the key is finding the right balance that suits the retiree. I talk often about how important that individual aspect is to retirement planning. (See link to Series 1, post 3 ‘Who Is the Client, You or Your Money’) Download: Ideally, you need to know if you have […]