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Money Management Strategies Revealed: Time Segment Model

The tactic of withdrawing from an account that rises or falls with the market can be debilitating to your wealth. You are at the mercy of  sequence of return risk (the potential consequences of a bad sequence of returns) at the time you begin withdrawing money from your investments (reverse dollar cost averaging). If those […]

Be Careful Not To Risk Your Dreams

Despite the risks you might now know of like, dollar cost ravaging and inflation, some advisors still put everything in a lump sum for systematic withdrawals. They will craft a portfolio that seems beautiful in its asset allocation, but really the income derives from withdrawing a percentage of the portfolio. And that puts the entire portfolio […]

Don’t Let Your Emotional Investment Get The Best of You

At Family Wealth Management, what we want individuals to do is seek to identify, understand, and manage risk by focusing on investment vehicles that offer a higher potential for lower volatility, better downside protection, and consistent compensation for the risk they are taking. People are not often focusing on lower volatility and downside protection. They’re […]