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Watch Out for Sequence of Return Risk in Your Retirement Funds

We believe everything you do as you venture into retirement should focus on risk management . Familiarize yourself with what risks pose the biggest threat. For example, do you know what sequence of return risk means? Failure to put a plan in place to account for sequence of return risk can mean a significant reduction […]

Beware of the Depression Mentality

A woman once came to my office and opened her checkbook, telling me she had about $300,000 in her account. I asked why she felt she needed that much in a checking account. “I have it there for emergencies,” she explained. Few of us need access to all of our money at one time. Holding […]

ROI in Retirement

In retirement ROI stands for reliability of income*, a far greater concern in these years than return on investments. You can’t effectively chase both at the same time. But you can pursue both goals if you compartmentalize your money based on short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.  You may have seen what is called the “risk […]

Find Out If You Are Chasing Impossible Retirement Dreams

You have dreams and goals for your retirement. The challenging part is uncovering if whether your expressed goals are realistic and attainable or not. One couple came to my office saying they wanted to retire in about five years, at age 60, and they wanted to pay for the kids’ college educations, and they wanted […]

Welcome to Distribution Land, Relax and Stay a While

In the next 15 years or so, baby boomers will be retiring in droves, with fewer and fewer workers to support them in the Social Security system. The government’s spending for Social Security will rise faster than tax income because the population over age 65 is growing faster than the working age population based on […]

Welcome to Distribution Land, Now What?

Distribution Land is totally different than what you’ve experienced. To this point, you have been in Accumulation Land, where time has been your friend. You were likely advised to put money away consistently. You weren’t too concerned about whether the market soared or sagged; if it went down, it meant you could buy a greater […]