Do-It-Yourself Danger

I once asked an estate-planning attorney how he got his best clients. “It’s the people who try doing it themselves first,” he answered. “They try to do their own planning, and I get more business by fixing things for people than I do from doing it right for them to begin with.”

There can be a disconnect between having information and knowing what to do with it. When it comes to investing, however, some people think that if they have obtained information, gleaned perhaps from the Internet, then they also have knowledge and wisdom. In my opinion, they generally do not. Investing wisely requires expertise and experience.

In Accumulation Land do-it-yourself investing might be considered a fun hobby, something to dabble in occasionally. And that’s okay because remember, you have time on your side then. But as you approach retirement, the stakes are higher and the game changes. What was once a hobby may need more insight and true knowledge. Without time to recover from your mistakes is it worth it to dabble away your hard earned money?

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