Piecing Together Your Retirement Big Picture

big-retirement-pictureImagine that you have a 200-piece jigsaw puzzle scattered in front of you. Where would you start? When I ask people that, most say they would start at the corners where they figure it’s easier to piece together all those interlocking shapes. Likewise, many people just dump their box of investments on an advisor’s table and shift them around, trying this investment here, and that one there, and hoping that eventually things might fall into place.

But how about first taking a good look at the picture on the cover of the box? Before you start working on the pieces, you need to have the big view. You should work with an advisor who will make sure you get the perspective you need so that your investment strategy makes sense for you and is designed to advance your goals.

Finding an advisor you can trust to give you direction, not just do what you ask, may result in a much more secure retirement future. Is your puzzle pieced together with the big picture in mind? Consider getting a second opinion on your current investment portfolio and schedule a free consultation at www.mysecondopiniontoday.com.

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