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3 Components Of A Sound Retirement Plan

Safety Liquidity Growth We believe these are the three fundamental aspects of money management. A sound retirement plan must provide a good balance of all three – safety, reliable income; liquidity, so that cash is accessible in emergencies; and growth, so that you beat inflation, grow your portfolio to replenish income needs, and leave an […]

Find Out If You Are Chasing Impossible Retirement Dreams

You have dreams and goals for your retirement. The challenging part is uncovering if whether your expressed goals are realistic and attainable or not. One couple came to my office saying they wanted to retire in about five years, at age 60, and they wanted to pay for the kids’ college educations, and they wanted […]

Don’t Let Life Accidentally Get In The Way

Planning for unforeseen circumstances is a large part of thriving in Distribution Land. That’s probably a shift from what you are used to because previously there was time to recover if a circumstance arose that impacted your financial situation. But in retirement, things change. What about the retired couple who get a phone call one […]

A New Lifestyle, A New You

Jerry seemed so eager to retire after a 35-year career. Jerry and his wife, Jean, moved to Florida. Later, in retirement, he came in for a visit. “If I knew this was what it was going to be like, I’d have never retired. I hate every minute. I hate it in Florida.” Jerry was unhappier […]

Who Is The Client, You Or Your Money?

When seeking the services of a financial advisor, you aren’t just finding someone to manage your money; you are finding a partner to manage your future and your legacy. That’s a big deal. It involves more than just a directive about growth percentages or investment numbers; it should start with your priorities. You, your spouse, […]