Welcome To Distribution Land: Meet Your Potential Enemies

welcome-to-distributionland-meet-your-enemiesAs you near retirement, it can feel as if you are climbing Mount Everest and just need to hold on long enough to reach the summit. Once there, you hope to behold that glorious view of Distribution Land shimmering below you, stretching out to the horizon. 

But consider this: A great many of those who have perished on Mount Everest met their fate on the descent, not the ascent. A mountain climber needs an entirely different set of skills on the way down. Some people need a competent guide on both sides of the mountain—someone who has been there many times before and knows the terrain and conditions. Otherwise, a sudden change in the weather or the wind could do you in. 

Here are the potential enemies you could face in Distribution Land. Don’t let them surprise you on your retirement journey:

  • Bond market risk
  • Tax issues
  • Fees for probate

A financial advisor can create a strategy designed to help you come down the slope safely and inspire a sense of accomplishment. Learn more about these risks and the strategies for overcoming them in my book, DistributionLand .

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